<B><font color=black>Affordable Water Purification</B>

The FILOS 45, designed by PURTECH WATER SOLUTIONS is an Eco-Friendly system manufactured in the United Sates for homeowners, restaurant owners and businesses using municipal or well water. The FILOS 45 and its counterpart for well systems (FILOS 45W) delivers clean, filtered quality water throughout every tap! In your showers, washing clothes and dishes, brushing teeth, bathing, mixing juices, coffee, tea, drinks and everywhere else, you can rest easy knowing that the FILOS 45 & 45W is removing dangerous contaminates found in nearly every home and business. Most of us don't realize the amount of toxins and chlorine we allow to be absorbed into our bodies with every bath or shower we take. Over time, this chlorine absorption can pose a tremendous health risk to every member of the family.

The FILOS 45 unlike Reverse Osmosis systems (that can create bio-film build up, are very expensive and waste energy and water),the Filos 45 uses advanced proven technology called ReDox. The ReDox media in the FILOS 45's post filter utilizes KDF-55, KDF-85 media (no chemical additives and are 100% recyclable) and coconut shell Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). This advanced blend of high-tech media effectively removes or significantly reduces harmful and toxic contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, bacteria, mercury, fungi, mold, algae, hydrogen sulfide, iron, scale, toxins, VOC's, micro-organisms and more. Many owners of RO systems are now installing ReDox systems in front of the RO system to do what the RO system simply can’t!

With the FILOS 45, you don’t need to spend big dollars to enjoy the many benefits of a POE (Point of Entry) system for your home or place of business. The FILOS 45 will deliver 45,000 gallons of clean water and normally retails for $1,399 (plus any applicable sales tax). For a limited time, you can purchase the FILOS 45 for $1,099 (plus shipping) to anywhere in the United States. This is a web price only! For businesses and restaurant owners requiring several systems, volume discounts are provided. Simply contact our sales department at 1-877-685-6772.

The FILOS 45 advanced four-point filtration/purification system significantly reduces or removes the chlorine, fluoride, odors and bad taste from municipally treated water. Your entire household, restaurant or place of business will be able to drink, serve and enjoy clean healthy water from every tap!

To obtain a sales presentation or installation diagram please contact us.

NOTE: If you're on a well, the FILOS 45W, (Well System - an additional $100) is uniqely designed to accomodate the majority of well water customers. However, if you purchase the system without sending us your recent test results, we cannot make any promises and there are no refunds! Please have your well water tested first, fax or email the test results to us at 714-384-7526 (fax) / sales@agdistributorsllc.com. We will contact you to discuss the test and will recommend the best course of action.

Email or call us to learn of any monthly discounts available! Distributors Welcomed! Sales Department: 1-877-685-6772